Sep 13, 2017

Trekking to Waterfall in Banyuatis Village

When I handled on trip in  Munduk, the hotel I stayed,  The Sanak Retreat have a trekking program where my clients took part in.

Trekking start in the morning from the hotel. The local guide, Mr. Gusti, lead the way to treking path to the nearby village, forest and waterfall of Banyuatis.

We start walking in small village road where there were rice fields. It was about 8 AM when we started. It is better to start early because it is going to be hotter in the midday, eventhough the temperature is lower than any other tourist place in Bali.

Mr. Gusti, stopped several times just to point out something interesting, he explained about the rice field, the irigation system, and he also stop and said hello to the local farmers.

We walk trhough ricefield, garden, village road and finally we entered the main road.
From the main road we took the small path to continue our final stop at Banyuatis waterfall.

The trekking route to the waterfall is quite challenging as we need to walk down toward the river where its located.

But once you arrive, you can see two beautiful waterfall located close to each other. The waterfall flows to the river which was about as deep as an adult waist. The water is very cool.  And you need to get pass the cold before you can enjoy swimming in the river.

Depending on the season, the water maybe crystal clear in when there is less rain. But it can be a bit dirty in the rainy season.

In overall, the trekking was quite easy. Most of the way, the path was not challenging. Only few meters as it is getting closer to the waterfall, the trek is quite steep. The total trek that we did was about 3 hours starting from 8 in the morning until 11 AM.

So, if you stay in Munduk or Sanak Retreat, you can try trekking to the waterfall in Banyuatis.

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