Dec 13, 2016

Are You Afraid of Monkeys?

Here is an adventure of Kat, Jack and me to Ubud monkey forest and some other places.

Coming from US, Kat and Jack have different expecation  in Bali. Kat wants to visit Mc Donald, KFC or Starbucks and anything available in US. Jack wanted to see the carving of Balinese Hindu temple, the irrigation of the rice terraces and anything cultural. He also would like to visit monkey forests in Ubud.

But monkey forests was a real nightmare for Kat. At least at beginning of the trek into the forest.
She was scared like hell of the monkeys. Jack and I teased her along the trekking route about how monkeys will kidnap her and make her stay in the forest forever.

But, if you ask how I feel about monkey as a tour guide, am I scared to monkeys? The answer is yes. Especially with their teeth showing when trying to scare people. It does make you shiver a little bit.

Kat managed to finish the monkey forests, she ended it by saying "I survived".Jack was happy to see the Batuan Temple,and Tegalalang rice teracess.

At the end of the trip, we also went to McDonald and Starbuck.

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