May 5, 2016

Can You Have Civet As Pet?

It seems that the answer is yes.
I took this video in a small cafe in Tanah Lot temple. The Cafe. The owner has several civet cats in his cafe. I stopped to have a look with my clients.
The civets are quite tame and quite comfortable around people. One of the civet played with the lady who visit the shop. But with the owner, he is even more relax.
Having a civet as a pet is not common in Bali. So, there is not enough story or detail to tell about how they might behave. One of the common story that people hear in Bali is that civet like to steal little chicks from farm area.
If you encounter, domesticated civet in Bali, you can play with them if you like. But it is not enough detail or story that I heard about how they behave as a pet. Not that I know.
So, please be careful in handling the civets. They may behave not as we expect.

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