Apr 27, 2016

Easy Path to Multi-tiered Waterfall In Gitgit

There are some waterfalls in Gitgit village. If you've been there, probably you have visited the main waterfall where everybody goes. The multi-tiered  waterfall in Gitgit village North Bali, is the less visited waterfall, but it does not mean it is not a great place to visit. Check the video, you will find it quite interesting.

Gitgit village is located in north Bali. If you happen to travel to Lovina Beach in North Bali, passing Ulun Danu temple, toward Singaraja, you will pass this village. Maybe you will even stop in this village and stop at one of the waterfall. The multi-tiered waterfall is the second waterfall you will encounter while driving from South Bali.

The path is to waterfall is easy to walk on. There are not really any stairs on the path like the other waterfall. So, most of the visitors will find it easy to get there.

You will cross a bridge, and then walk on the river bank, and continue to the small open building in the river where you can get the best view of the waterfall.

Here is the map.

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