Apr 26, 2016

Conversation with Bali Inspirational Teacher Gede Prama

Gede Prama is the most inspirational teacher in Bali. He teaches about wisdom about how to build family, how to meditate, and how to live base on philosophy acceptance.
I had a chance to meet him at Budha monastery in Banjar north Bali. I was taking some clients to the monestery and he was there for an event called Compassion Day. It was a coincidence for us to meet him.
I did not know he was there until I was there myself in the monastery. Knowing from the local that he was there, I talked to the comittee of the Compassion Day  about the possibility of bringing my clients meeting him.

"Please, say to him, we would like to meet him. These travelers are interested to learn more about meditation." I refered to my clients.

But he was busy with preparation and some other people that meeting him at the moment. He could not meet us.

So, then we continued walking around the temple, admiring the architecture, talking to the people there, and taking some photos.

We were about to leave the temple, we got the news that Gede Prama was not busy anymore and would like to meet us. That's a great news for us. And this was the video when we were there. I had even an opportunity to ask few questions.

Enjoy the video. If you find it difficult to follow the conversation because the audio quality, please turn on the caption or the subtitle.

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