Mar 22, 2016

Trying Ocean bumper in Benoa Bay Bali

 Benoa bay is very popular with many watersport activities like parasailing, paragliding,  or jetskiing. Ocean bumper is quite new at the time I write this article. And it is operated by a company called BMR.

It is similar to jetskiing, but it is only moving around in a designated area on the sea. When riding ocean bumper, and hit the border, you will will be bounced back. Not like the jetski ride, where you have to pay attention where you ride.

In that sense, it is less challenge or less risk than jet skiing.

You can try ocean bumper, because it is much easier than jetskiing. You don't have to be accompanied by instructors and you will not go as fast. It is more fun if you can do this with your friends and then you can bump to each other. You will share a good laugh.

And again, there are many other activities you can enjoy if you think ocean bumper give you less challenge than you expect.

This video is when I went with my clients to Benoa Bay for an inspection for the new attraction:Ocean bumper.

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