Nov 20, 2015

Try The Balinese Snack: Klepon

Balinese cake klepon

Traveling to Bali does not just mean going tour, having massage, and spending time in the beach. It also means to learn about Balinese culture. One way to do it is to try the local food. One snack I would like to introduce here is called klepon. Funny name, but read on.
It’s not easy to find the real Balinese snack, especially if you stay in the touristy  area. Going to villages, or towns in Bali, you may be able to find klepon. And If you want to to have Balinese authentic culinary adventure, try it.
Klepon is glutinous sticky rice ball with palm sugar inside it. It is usually served with grated coconut. When do we have klepon? Any time, but usually  during the relax time, for example, when having coffee.
The colour of klepon is green. Traditionally, Balinese women use a kind of leaf (called don kayu sugih) to give color to the klepon.  So, green colour of klepon is from the colour of the leaf, not some artificial coloring. Sometimes, klepon can be black, because it is made of black rice.
If you want to enrich your experience with culinary adventure, you can try this snack. Remember, to eat them carefully, as they have liquid palm sugar inside. The liquid can splash and hit your clothes. Although the stain is washable, it is not fun to have especially if you wear white t-shirt. So, bite it with care.
If you want to try to make klepon at home, you can visit making klepon guide.
Finally, there are many kind of Balinese snacks. Most of them are made from either sticky rice, white rice, black rice, palm sugar, grated coconut or coconut milk. When you have the chance, try them too.

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