Nov 23, 2015

Something we can not live without: the Bali Flowers

Flowers are really something that we can not live without in Bali. One main reason is offerings with flowers. Have you seen the offerings made by coconut leaves and flowers?

We also create decorate our homes with flowers on special occasion. Have a look at a Balinese house when there is a wedding or tooth filling ceremony. They use lots of flowers to decorate their house.

Balinese dancers also use flowers to beautify them selves. They use frangipani, hibiscus, and cempaka.

hibiscus Bali flower 

When you visit a Balinese Hindu temple, you will also see the flowers also grown in the garden areas. Take a look at this picture of flowers plant the Ulun Danu Temple near Lake Bratan.’

forereverlove Bali flower

Flowers are also grown in the house yard in Balinese compound. One main reason is to prepare for offerings, so the family do not need to buy flowers for their offering especially in the big festival days. For those who have no flowers at home, they can still easily buy them in the local Bali markets.

purple Bali flowerFlowers are also grown in the rice fields. Farmers put aside their lands to grow flowers instead of planting all with rice plants. They then could harverst  the flowers for their own need or sell them in the market.

Do you use lots of flowers in your life?

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