Nov 25, 2015

Sambal Bawang Matah: Our Favorite Balinese Sambal

Sambal Bawang Matah Bali Sauce4
Have you heard the word “sambal”?
Sambal is sauce made of mix of spices such as shallot, garlic, lime, chili, pepper and salt. These ingredient are then grinded with stone pestle and mortar. The paste of that mixture of spices is called sambal.
Sambal is like a sauce. We eat it together with rice, fried chicken, grilled fish or any food on our table. It adds up the taste.
Sambal bawang matah is a different story. First, the meaning of sambal bawang matah is the sambal of raw shallot. It is indeed made of raw ingredients such as: shallot, garlic, lemon leaves, shrimp paste or terasi, salt and coconut oil.
These ingredients are mixed together (just by hand, not in a pestle and mortar like the regular sambal) and then served with the food. Usually serving it fresh is the best way. We can not keep if for long time.
So, whenever going to have some meal in Bali, you can try the sambal bawang matah. It is favorite of many Balinese, me included.
Sambal Bawang Matah Bali Sauce PresentationAnd here is a photo of sambal bawang matah with his friend sambal tomat or (tomato sambal, also another kind of sambal). At the background, there is fried rice.

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