Sep 19, 2015

Purification .... when the soul needs spiritual cleansing

At some point in their life, a Balinese would do a spiritual cleansing ritual. It's the ritual for cleansing their body, mind and spirit.
Why do we need a spiritual cleansing? We believe in balance between physical and spiritual. When the physical body is dirty, we can wash it by water and soap. When the spiritual body is dirty, we do it by purification ritual.
One of the place for this is the temple of Pura Tirta Sudamala in Bangli. Located by the river with a spring, it is an ideal place for such ritual.
The spring temple of Pura Tirta Sudamala.

To do this, first we pray to the God or universe for blessing and guidance at the temple. The prayer is lead by a Pemangku or priest.
Next we will go to the river, wash our face and body, and then go to each of the water sprout available close to the temple.
The water sprouts. 

The river just in front of the temple. Some people were cleansing themselves there.

The end of the ritual of cleansing is the blessing by the pemangku or priest.

Finally the priest will sprinkle us with holy water and bija as the mark of the end of the ritual and sign of blessing.

At the end of the ritual in the river, the local would go to the main temple, located also at the same area, to pray for thanking the God.

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