Sep 18, 2015

Piles of Skulls at The Cemetery of Trunyan

One of the village you can visit in Bali is called Trunyan village. 

Head to Kintamani, and drive down to Lake Batur. There is a pier by the lake where you can take a boat and ride for about half an hour crossing the lake to reach the other end of the lake, where Trunyan village is located.
Arriving at Trunyan Village by boat.
You will arrive in the village of Trunyan, You can visit the village. You will see a village that's a bit different from the rest of Bali village. Their farming is limited because they don't have enough resources. But many locals would say they worked as farmer and fishermen. 

The path among the houses in Trunyan village.
You can finish your mini trekking around the village in about fifteen minutes.
From the village to the cemetery of Trunyan, you can go on the boat again. It will take about 5 minutes ride.
The entrance of Trunyan cemetery.
There are some locals in the graveyard who sit behind desk waiting for visitors. You can pay donation here before entering the grave yard.
Entering the grave yard, what will you see?
The bodies were placed on the ground but protected by bamboo frame.

It will take around 5 minutes to explore the graveyard,  Depending on your interest, you may spend more time there. It is amazing how the locals their passed away.

The dead body can be easily seen. They are wrapped in white fabric, but the face is still visible. The body is placed on the ground, not buried, but it is protected by framework made of bamboo, This is to protect it from animal.

When the body is completely decomposed, the skeleton will be thrown away. You can see some skeletons lying the graveyard along with some garbage. The skull, on the other hand, was taken and put on a platform together with other skulls.
Pile of skulls.

 You can also see many personal stuff, such as plate, coffee, money, comb, and lots of other things scattered around the grave, Dying is like a journey to the next world that the family equip the dead with things they would probably need during the travel.

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