Sep 2, 2015

How to be a funny person and make your friends laugh with Bali masks

Wayan Muka is a mask maker who live in Mas Village, Bali. I went there with a groups of travelers and a friend of mine, Emanuel. Wayan showed us some masks. He put on those masks and then danced according to the masks he wore.

When he wore king mask, he would become a king and danced as a noble person. An old mask would turn him into an old man. And when he put on a princess mask, he would dance like a lady.

He is mask maker and also a dancer. Now, that's really a good combination. He can perform the masks by himself and no need for him to ask other dancer to perform.

A mask or masks are really important part for temple ceremony in Bali. There is a special mask called Sidakarya, which would be performed as a dance at the end of every festival. It is believed that without this ritual, a festival would never be completed.

In this video, my friend tried to put on some several masks. And he instantly become funny and make some the travelers laugh. It would also surely at leadt smile.

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