Sep 21, 2015

Gemstone Ring in His Every Finger

This is Richard from US. He told me that he liked to collect gemstone. In every country he visited, he usually bought a gemstone ring for collection. But it has to be cheap, because it is just for collection, he told me.

In one of the visit in Bali, we got to visit a house in north Bali. It happened that the host also sold gemstone rings. So, he tried to put them all, just for fun. I took his video, and asked him if I could use this video in my blog. He said yes. So, here it is.. The video where he tried all the rings.

In Indonesia, and including Bali, there are gemstone fever at the moment. All important people, artists, and many people collect gemstone. So, it is quite a special moment to find one of my traveler is also interested in gemstone.

Do you collect gemstone?

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