Jul 6, 2015

Galungan Holiday is Coming, Yay!!

This is my favorite holiday as a kid years ago, (feel like yesterday, though). I feel that everybody goes to the temples on this day. Well, of course that's not true, some may stay home because of certain reason.

Back to me as a kid, it was my happy moment. This was the time I got new clothes from my parents  and some money that I can spend the way I like it. I think every Balinese kid will be happier at the Galungan day because they can wear their best clothes. Maybe it is not always new, but you know what I mean.

But the atmosphere is different than the normal day. There is peacefulness in the air. A sense of holiness and celebration.

This is a day that nobody should go to work or goes to school. Everybody should go home and meet their parents or families and exchange news.

At home in the village, I imagine the conversation will start with
"he, kenken kabare, tumben ngenah?" (hei how are you? long time no see? )
 "Dije jani megae, Yan? ( Where do you work now, Yan?)"
 "Kude be ngelah nak cenik jani?" (How many kids do you have now?" )
 "Beh, gaya den be dadi boss megae di pariwisata." (You're so cool now being a boss working in tourism) and the like.

For me as a kid, long time ago,  going home to the village means meeting my grand parents and my cousins. This another great experience.

For me now as an adult,  going home and have my kids meet their grand parents and their cousins. This makes them happy, as I was.

Last note, Galungan Day takes places every six months in Bali and it said to commemorate the victory of Dharma against Adharma. And for this month it will be in mid of July 2015.

Holiday makes us a happier person, don't you think?

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