Oct 22, 2014

Tegalalang Rice Terrace Not For Sale?

Sometimes ago if you passed Tegalalang and wanting to see the view of the rice terraces, you'd be surprised with the huge letters spread out on the main hill of the rice fields. It says "NOT FOR SALE".
For some of the tourists who would like to take photo of just the rice terraces, that would be a problem. So, anyone wanting to take photo of the rice field will have to include the letters.

The letters not for sale was actually from one of a Bali artist who also concerned about the environmental issue in Bali. I have no more information about this, nor that I have the capacity to talk deeper about this. But one thing for sure, that there is a fast decrease of the rice field area in Bali every year.

A lot of the rice field in Bali has been converted into housing area. With more people, as the population grows, Bali needs more housing. And for this we converted rice field into housing.

Another reason for a conversion, because people build more hotels and villas around the rice field. Soon we will no longer have enough rice field to produce rice for our people. Even now we have imported rice from other countries.

The word NOT FOR SALE serves a reminder for us not to blatantly sell our rice field. This is one of the reason why tourists come to Bali. What do you think?

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