Oct 11, 2014

Taking Photos of The Balinese Ladies

Consider it's  a treat when you can take photos of the Balinese ladies going to the temple carrying offering on their head. Not every day you can witness such scene.  It only happen during major temple festival.
A temple festival take place every 210 days.  A festival in one temple does not necessarily mean a festival in other temple.That means during your visit to Bali, you probably find some ladies bringing their offering to the temple. There are many temples in Bali, and one or two temple have their festival times. You may see these ladies.
You can ask politely to take photo with them. Usually they do not mind when tourist take their photos. One thing to remember is that the offering can be very heavy. So, they would not like to stand still for long time or it is going to be hard for them to pose other than what you can see: one hand holding the offering.
If you think, you would like to try to carry the offering, let me tell you, it's not a good idea. Because it is heavy, they may need some one to help to carry it down. And if you don't do it correctly, it may fall and ruin the offering. So, best only to take photo with them without trying to carry the offering yourself.
And be quick. They want to get to the temple as fast as possible.

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