Oct 7, 2014

Rice Terraces in Tegalalang

Ceking Village in area of Tegalalang has become a must stop for rice teraces view. The village is located north of Ubud. Driving for about 15 minutes, you will arrive at the border of of Ceking Village. The people who is in charge in the village will stop your vehicle and ask you if you would like to stop and take photos of the rice terraces. If you plan to stop, you then need to pay 5000 per person donation to the village. If you just want to pass by, without stopping and taking photo, then you don't need to pay anything.
Why pay for view??
You may ask and think that the village has become to commercialized.
In the past, let say 5 years ago, people did not need to pay. But since there were so many people stopping in this place, the street became so congested. Soon, there was traffic jam.  Now, with the local helping to direct the traffic and helping to park the vehicles, the traffic does not turn bad. People can enjoy the view and not bothered by traffic. So, that's what the local do. They make sure your visit to the Ceking village become a great visit without thinking about chaotic traffic jam.
Sometime, little congestion still happen because there are too many tourists car coming here. But it is not as bad as before the villagers take part in helping the parking.
Where to stop?
The street of Tegalalang is where you can see the view of rice terraces. In both sides of the street, there are shops and restaurants. After driving for 2 minutes from where you pay the donation, there is a cafe called LOJI where I usually go from where I can see the view of rice terraces and helping my clients to take photos.

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