Oct 5, 2014

Early Visit To Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot is the most popular tourist destination in Bali in the sun set time. But during the day, there are still many tourists in the temple. The temple, the wave, the rock on the beach, and the lush vegetation will always be still beautiful to see despite the time you come.
On a visit,  I probably arrived there at 4 in the afternoon. I was with client from South Africa. I took them for a walk on the higher ground west of the temple. From a small cliff, just west of the temple, you can take photo of yourself and have the temple as the background in the east. From that place, the temple looked so small. But, for myself, this is the best place to take photo.
Other place to take photo is a higher ground in front of the temple.  Again,  you will put the temple behind you.
The Tanah Lot maybe be also popular for sunset, but perfect sunset is rare. The sun may go behind cloud. It doesn't mean you can not enjoy the view if you don't see the sunset,  you can even go earlier there and still enjoying great view.

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