Oct 4, 2014

Beautiful Pond at Lotus Cafe

I was having my lunch at cafe Lotus in Ubud,  (yes,  of course,  it's in Bali), and had some time to walk around the cafe. It's was hot day, and the skywas bright with little grey cloud scattered here and there.  But I could feel the heat and the humidity.
There was a pond near by the cafe.  All the guests have clear view to the beautiful lotus pond and the temple beyond the pond.  It was a refreshing view.
I took some photos of the pond,  and this is the best photo (I think) so you may enjoy it.
I did order a plate of nasi goreng or fried rice.  Then I told myself,  as I was eating,  that I shouldn't eat lots of fried food. But I order it because it was quick and my clients might finish eating at any time.
So,  if you're in Bali or Indonesia you will encounter lots of fried food but you'll be eating at beautiful restaurant most of the time.

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