Oct 13, 2014

Be Hive for Sale in Local Market

Do you know that Balinese eat cooked bee hives? Have you this in your country? Cooked bee hives can be very tasty that many Balinese like eating them.
In one occasion on a tour, I have a chance to take my clients to a local market in Denpasar in Kreneng village. It is a quite interesting market, because you can learn more about how the Balinese live. In the market, you will see people selling daily needs, such as fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and cakes.
Going further into the market you will find different things, perhaps, than what you can get in your market at home. In a Bali market, you can find many  people who sell many different things. For example, one most interesting is people selling bee hives. Be hives are sold in the fish or vegetable section.  When I asked the seller, how much it was a kilogram of bee hive (at the time of I wrote this post), she said, “it’s eighty thousand rupiah or about USD 8”.
So, how do Balinese you eat bee hives? No, the Balinese don’t eat them raw.  Bee hives are can be cooked and serve as dish. It's a food that you can eat with your rice.
How do Balinese cook bee hives? The Balinese just boiled it. Then they will add spices, such as, sliced shallots, garlic, salt and maybe also coconut milk. When it is done, it is quite tasty. (No, it doesn't taste like chicken). It can taste a little sweet because probably it has honey in it. But, anyway, there is no place you can buy this in the restaurant in Bali. Usually, people don't have these kind of food in restaurant or any food stall in Bali. If you stay in Bali a little bit longer, you can try to cook yourself.
A word of warning, just like anything else, if you are not sure about trying it, just don't try. I am not responsible if you get sick because eating bee hives. I myself quite like it, and nothing happen to me when I eat it. I just feel happy Smile
So, that’s the real authentic Balinese food.

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