Jun 27, 2013

Visiting Gitgit Waterfall with Jerlyn

Gitgit waterfall is located in north Bali. Gitgit is the name of the village, since the waterfall is located in this village, that's why it is called Gitgit waterfall. I guess.
There are more than one waterfall in Gitgit. Maybe there are three. I chose the oldest one, because the path to the waterfall is quite well maintained. For those who loves adventures, you may chose the other waterfalls.
The path to the waterfal is about 350 meters long. And before you say it is not that far, remember the path is not flat, but it is up and down with stairs here and there. So, for those who don't visit gym regularly, it is quite a struggle.

This is Jerlyn, from Singapore. She said that Niagara waterfall is much bigger than Gitgit waterfal. Well, I am speechless. Never been to Niagara waterfall.

The photo of sign board that says Welcome to Gitgit Waterfall. If you don't see any waterfall in this photo, it's because it's not there.  You need to start walking from this point.

Next, you will arrive at the ticket place. The cost is IDR 5000, or USD 0.50. And you will see this small bridge. The water flows underneath the bridge comes from waterfall.

Jerlyn spotted cats on the way to the waterfall. She thought the cats were cute. I said stay away from the them!!

As usual, many shops along the path to the waterfall for those who find shopping therapeutic. But nobody seems to buy anything. Yes, tourism business is hard in Bali.
Yes, that's it. We arrived at the waterfall. The moisture is flying in the air that if you stand close to the waterfall, you will get wet.

Ok, the earlier photo that was a bad photo. I need to center my phone so the waterfall is in the middle of the screen.
If you are here, you will be able to hear the roaring noise of the water as it flows into the river as well as the moisture as it cares your face.

Here is the video of the waterfall if you would like to hear some sounds for the water flowing.

You should go to Gitgit waterfall too.Don't you think?

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