Jun 24, 2013

Early Morning in Lovina: Dolphins Sighting

Just nearly six in the morning, I arrived in the beach of Lovina at North Bali. I have drove for about 2,5 hours from Kuta, Ghanna Inn, to pick up my clients to go see dolphins.

The road to Lovina is quiet since the locals were still asleep. But there are some tourists cars arriving bringing tourist who will see dolphins. MOst of them are Asian tourists.
Lovina Beach Dolphin Sighting

I met the local fisherman, Gobang, whom I contacted earlier. He would take my clients, Shafinaz, Afif, Syafiq, Diana, and Nadia (ops, maybe I dont remember their names now) on a boat ride into the sea.

As we arrived there, many people queued for toilet. There was only one public toilet just behind a restaurant located near the beach. Cost was 2000 rupiah to go to toilet.

Dolphin Sighting in Lovina
As the clock struck six o'clock they were ready to sail. I have done the dolphin sighting in the past. So, I did not do it this time.

About 2 hours later, they came back.

"Did you see any dolphins?" I asked.

"yes, we did. We saw a dolphin doing a backflip." said Diana.

Obviously, they were very pleased with the dolphins experience. We continued our journey to Gitgit waterfal, and I noticed everybody in the car fell asleep. Maybe they dreamt about dolphins!

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