Aug 3, 2012

What to do in Lovina Beach Bali?

So, you think you have visited all the places in Bali? Okay, let uslook at the map of Bali map again, and your adventure will continue at Lovina beach. But what is it like there and what will you do there.?
Lovina is  a beach located in north Bali. It has far less visitors than that of Kuta beach but it has its own uniqe beauty. The main access of Lovina beach is called Bina ria where you will see a statue of dolphins. The statue indicates that this black sandy beach has its own attraction, dolphin watching.
If you want to see dolphins, you must come early in the morning to the beach. You will start going with local fisherman at six o'clock. Then you will engage on a voyage around the beach looking at the dolphins hoping on the sea. The dolphins are quite fast that it is not easy to take photo of them. And the fact that it is early in the morning make the lighting not so suitable for photography. You will end up getting blurry photos. As the sun comes out, the light will aid your photos to be better.
Beside dolphin watching, in some area of Lovina, you can go on scuba diving.  The scuba diving is suitable for beginner and advanced diver as well. But if you don't fancy diving, you can just lie down and swim in the beach.
The town and villages around Lovina are also worth visiting. It is still less touristy compared to the south that you can see how the local truly lives.  
That's all you can do in Lovina. Dolphin watching if you can wake early morning is not a bad idea to start the day. If you want to go diving, you can do so there. But if you just feel like to do nothing, just take it easy and enjoy the day.

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