Oct 27, 2011

Finding Yourself In Bali

It was a drive from Ubud on Eka homestay at Sriwedari road, Evelyn and Khem were my clients. We were about to encounter the road with the worst traffic in Bali, with lots of 10 wheelers passing by, reckless drivers, one or two who would end up in the ravine or river by the streets with the all the wheels facing up. I drove them to Balian beach, the so called surf beach, where there are many farms and where there are more cows than people.
Both these ladies, in their early thirties, were so kind and and down to earth. Treating me as friends, they begin to tell stories about themselves. Khem worked for the series US "Survivor" with two Australians friends who work for the same series. They said they were in logistic and designing challenges for the twenty participants for the Survivor series.
As for Evelyn, she is on self discovery. It may sound like a "cliche", she commented, but she has visited some countries before Bali to find herself.
"My visit to Bali was a project for me with my boyfriend." She started the story. "But we were not together anymore. But we plan this holiday together, we saved money together, planned everything together. I quit my job, and get ready to go, bought the tickets but at the end he left me for another woman."
"Can you imagine, we have been together for six years, and all of a sudden he left me for another woman?"
"I was devastated. I cancelled my holiday, and I went back to the company where I work and said please please please can I have my job back?" "I move to my parents house in Catalunia. And feeling sorry for myself for eight months."
And then came the day where I decided to go. I still remember the day I went to airport by myself, no plan, "I said to my families and frinds," I may come back in two weeks. And I left for Kathmandu."
Well,  a lot of things have happened. I have visited many countries. Now i am here in Bali. I guess, I have changed from that day. I am a different person now. It was 2 years ago when I left for Kathmandu."
We arrived at Balian Beach and then looked for a surfer hotel or maybe a villa  named Pondok Pitaya. Nobody was at the reception, we were lurking around for 10 minutes. Then a Balinese guy with a lot of tattoo all over his body (hmmm, sub culture!) and a pretty lady came and escort Khem and Evelyn.
"We are going to be here for the Yoga course. We'll see you probably in six weeks time." Evelyn said. "Thank you, Putu."
Evelyn at Balian Beach

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