Sep 20, 2011

What's in Kuta art market?

It's very easy to lose your way in markets in Bali. Kuta market is no exception. Just like pioneering your way to tropical forest, the market in Kuta has lots of little shops that sell "everything".
For a starter, you can bargain for t-shirt and pants. The most popular are the ones with word "Bintang" (Indonesian beer), and "I Love Bali" printed on them. Others have funny words, or mildly obscene words. But, all those words are only printed in the spirit of being funny. Nothing serious or offensive.
These are not the main things available in the market. Here are some of them: sarongs, bags, shoes, thongs, glasses, belts, hats, lady's accessories, neck laces, lady's dresses, and lots of other things (must I mention them all?)
And once you finish with your shopping, you can walk along the market until you find Kuta beach. You can relax a bit here.

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