Aug 15, 2011

A half day day tour with Putu (funny true story)

So, I put funny story on the title to tease you to read this post. Ok, it is really funny. Well, some of you may think is quite scary. But anyhow, read on.

Winnie (changed the name a little bit) has exchanged emails with me a couple of times and really looked forward to go to Bali. The first tour would be half day tour to Uluwatu temple to watch Kecak Dance and go to Jimbaran bay.

On the day of the tour, I was ready at the hotel lobby waiting for her. It was 3.30 PM, and I walked around the hotel lobby to look for her. There was hardly anybody there except the receptionist.

There was no sign of her.

It was already passed 15 minutes from the time we agreed to meet up. I began to scratch my hair and decided to talk to the receptionist.

The receptionist smiled as he looked on the names on a computer. "Would you like to call to your clients room?" he asked.

I nodded and said thanks. I put the phone on my ear and only hear the beep sounds and then somebody saying" the person you are calling is not in the room.."

Well, she was not in the lobby either.

And I waited another 15 minutes, making it total half an hour before I left.

The next day, just of curiosity, I called Winnie into the hotel early in the morning. Just around 7.

"Can I speak to Winnie?"
"Yes, this is Winnie."

I said hello and then said," I came to pick you up for your tour yesterday. I was waiting for you in the lobby, called you into your room, and search for you in the lobby. But you were not there. So, I left. What happen?"

"Sorry, can you repeat that again?" is the answer I got.

"Oh, you know, I came to pick you up yesterday....."

I went on explaining.

"But Putu, I did came to the lobby, and I did meet you and I did went tour with you to Uluwatu"

"What?" is all I can say.

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