Dec 22, 2010

Visiting Ketut Liyer: The Palm Reader of Eat Pray Love

When we arrived at his house, there were some people outside Ketut Liyer house waiting  for their return. Ketut Liyer is a traditional healer and a palm reader.  He has become popular after the book and the movie Eat Pray Love. This is also the reason why I visited him that day. My client wanted me to take her to meet, Ketut Liyer, the palm reader. After waiting for about two hours, then my client, got her turn.

So, there she was sitting cross legged before the traditional healer. I sat by her side, my job was to translate what the traditional healer said to her.

The palm reader looked at me and and asked, "who are you?"

I said to him that I was the tour guide. And my clients ask me to translate what he said to her. To my surprise, he spoke English quite fluently. But there were some instances that I needed to translate.
Ketut looked at her face, taking into details of the shape of her eyes, her eyebrows, and then went on saying, "you are a very beautiful lady and also a very smart person."

I thought that he would begin by saying, "you are a world traveller...." Just like in the movie.

The session took place for about 40 min. He talked about her life, career, relationship, love and even sex. I remember him saying, "you are very strong lady, you can do it three times in one night."

For the love prediction, he said that my client was going to break up with her boyfriend and she will meet a new (more handsome) boyfriend in the future.

For career, would have a bright future because according to the healer, she had a high intelligent. From having a conversation with my client, I knew that the healer was right. She was, indeed, a very bright girl. But besides that she would receive guidance from the spirit of her great grandmother (this was what Ketut read from her palm).

As we drove back to the hotel I asked her jokingly what would she do when she arrived home. I said, "so, I guess you would break up with your boyfriend first, and then you will find another more handsome man for your next boyfriend."

She laughed, "it's going to be difficult, because my boyfriend now is a model."

To be continued to next post. In the next post I wrote about my conversation  with Ketut Liyer and he would be talking about his life, Elizabeth Gilbert, and why he rejected to participate in the moviemaking although he is offered a great sum of money.

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