Dec 19, 2010

Trekking around Lake Tamblingan with Lim family

It was a cloudy day in Bali. Rain poured down lightly from the sky.

I went with Mr Lim and his family (his wife and his two children, a 17-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son) to go trekking in the tropical forest of around Lake Tamblingan. We arrived at Munduk village at around 11 AM. Munduk village is located in a higher land from where we can look down in the distance, the two lakes. Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan.

Our trekking plan was to start walking from Munduk village down to the tropical rainforest. There was a trekking post, a small building, where my friend, Kadek, a professional trekking guide, was waiting for us.

I said hello to Kadek and then we started descending through the stairs into the thickness of the tropical jungle. At the beginning of our trekk, it was a bit easier. Since there are a few stairs built along our trekking route, from where we were, at the top of a valley, descending approximately about 90 m. But we had to be careful because the stairs are a bit slippery since is wet and mossy.

The air was fresh and cool because of the rain. The leaves of the trees in the forest are also wet. There were mud on the forest floor. Some leeches made their ways into our legs. Kadek said it was normal on a rainy day like that.

He was prepared for the leeches. He took out a cajuput oil the leeches hate. We rubbed the oil to our legs and said goodbye to the tiny cute leeches.

We walked about two hours getting deeper into the forest. There were a lot of different lands and trees we encountered along the way with different shapes of leaves too. The Lim family enjoyed this activity very much. They are from Singapore, where they can only see concrete jungles around their house. To be able to see the real tropical jungle was a real treat for them.

We arrived at a temple at the other side of Tamblingan Lake. Kadek prepared their lunch boxes that he had been carrying along the way and we enjoyed our lunch there. We snapped a few pictures of the temple and the beautiful view of the lake.

Then we continued our way back through the lake. A fisherman and his daughter were waiting for us on double boats that the jumped  into. It was like sailing on a catamaran, but without seasickness. The lake was so calm and placid. And our voyage was begun.
From the lake, you could see different views. There were fisherman who are casting their nets on the lake. There were also some people who fish for fun around the lake. When you look back, you can see the forest fading away in the distance, then you would be able to see the sky clearly at the background.

After for about one hour canoing we arrived Tamblingan village. There we walked again for 15 min to the parking area where we finish our trekking. We thanked  said goodbye Kadek and continued our tour to Bedugul.

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