Oct 22, 2010

Random Things You See in Bali

Your travel to Bali is unique. It can not be replicate by anyone. After watching Eat Pray Love, many ladies travel to Ubud to find their future husband. Many men staying in Ubud begins speaking English with foreign accent. Hoping this ladies would find them interesting to talk to. Yes, maybe you met your future foreign accented husband in Ubud, but you know it does not always happen that way. Liz experience's is unique, and so is yours. (Liz is the character in Eat Pray Love)

Ok, stop the bubbling you mister driver, what are you trying to talk to?

All right, here are things that you might see in Bali. It's every day life, don't expect something fancy.


You will see a lot of dogs. Mostly thin. Yes, they have lots of exercises. Their jobs is to guard the house. Maybe they want to greet you, but they can be shy. Or they just don't talk to strangers. Please don't take it personally.

bali dog.jpg

Cock Fighting

'Favorite sport of many Balinese men' as a friend of mine put it. You'll probably bump up with one on your day tour. Usually it's conducted in one corner of the village, in most quiet and 'hidden' part of it.

cock fighting.jpg


It's a sign that I snapped in a luxurious hotel somewhere in Bali. The message is clear. Bringing durian will trigger emergency alarm. If you don't know durian, it's a popular fruit around south east Asia. It smells like hell but tastes like heaven. If you are not from Asia, and if this is your first encounter with Durian, you will think it smells like hell and tastes like hell.

no durian.jpg

Cute Little Smiling Children

You will meet a lot of our lovely Balinese children smiling at you and saying hi. Just don't give them money, they will loose their innocence. Give them books or stationery, they are more precious. Children will always remember this. Money is not the only thing, remember Willy Wonka at the Chocolate Factory.

girl with baby in Gitgit.jpg

Will see you again. Please give your comment.

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