Aug 30, 2010

Great View from Saranam

Here is the Saranam hotel and restaurant. I particularly like the scenery and the location of the restaurant. Looking down from the hotel restaurant, you can see down below at the hotel rooms, rice fields, a fountain, green park with well groomed weed, and a small pool.

At the background, you can see some rice terraces with coconut trees growing in the rice fields path and forest nearby.

If you ask, where it is, I can tell you. It's in a village called Pacung, Baturiti. Looking on a Bali map, you will see it is about in the middle. Follow the trace to Bedugul, Lake Bratan, to North Bali. But don't go that far, Pacung is before Bedugul. From Denpasar, it will take about one hour or so.

It's a convinient stop over, when going to North Bali tour. Breaking the long journey by ordering a cup of coffee or tea (if you don't drink coffee) is not a bad idea after all. Especially if you drink the coffee while enjoying the green scenery and cool temperature.

Or if you arrive here at noon, you can have your lunch here. Both ala carte and buffet are available.

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  1. Nice view. There is a swimming pool with crystal clear blue water that you can see as you look down from on of the platform.

  2. It's very beautiful place. It's just like my village beautiful.

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