Apr 30, 2010

Tour with Patrick and Family

"We want to see beaches, we want to swim, we want to visit town and mountains, and maybe litlle bit shopping and we want to be back by three" said Patrick. Patrick is from Perth, Como to be exact.
"We don't want to see Barong dance, and we don't want to visit temple" Sandra, the wife added.
When I asked why, they replied. "We've seen Barong dance and we've visited all temples!"
All temples?
"Yes, we visited ALL temples."
So, we decided to go to Nusa Dua beach first. On this tour, there was Patrick, Sandra, Michelle, Ben(Michelle's boy friend), and Harisson (grand son from other dauther who did not join the tour)

I met Patrick a couple of years ago on a cycling and cooking tour. I was the cycling tour guide and since then exchange few emails. Patrick was an investment manager who invested in stocks and real estate."I have some staff working for me, but I also work, I also push the button myself."

The drive to Nusa Dua from Tuban was not a long drive, but Harison, being 5 year old soon felt bored.
"Here you can play with my iphone, Harrison. But remember, open only kid stuff. You know what I mean, only kid stuff, no naked women, no adult stuff or I will kick your a$$."
Harison played with the iphone.
But soon we arrived in Nusa Dua. "Look Harison, there is a turtle in your right."
"He does not know right or left." said Michelle.
"Well, look at Ben side." Ben was sitting at their right side.
Harrison was still playing with the iphone.
"Put the iphone away, and look at the turtle through the window."
It was a statue of a turtle that you could see in park area in Nusa Dua hotels complex.
"Look at the frog, Harrison..."
"Look at the turtle again ...Harison.."
"Look at the dragon...Harison."
"Harison, did you just fart?"
I stopped the car in the beach area near the the Grand Hyatt Hotel. They jumped down with towels and headed to the beach. I did not join them swimming, but waited for them under a shaddy tree and took out my phone.
I was busy with my facebook on the phone, throwing sheep to people, and suddenly I heard a scream from the beach. I looked to the pristine beach of Nusa Dua, and I could see Harison was running on the water away from the beach. Water was splashing on his feet. He was screaming and screaming and all people in the beach could hear him.
Oh my gosh, now what??
I ran and ran to the beach to see what happen.
"He thought he saw a jelly fish." was all the explanation that I got from Ben.
"You know, I think the jelly fish was more afraid to him than he was afraid to jelly fish because of his scream." Patrick said.

Istana VillaWe finished in the Nusa Dua Beach and Michelle wanted to go to Istana Villa in Uluwatu for a hotel inspection. Her friend's wedding would be conducted there in two months time.
Padang-padang BeachPassing Padang-padang Beach, I offered them to stop there, just for to check it out. It turned out that they want to spend more time there and thought that this was a better beach than Nusa Dua beach
Next we head to Istana Villa. A superb villa with pool view and ocean view.
"What no TV? " was Patrick comment. The staff said there was no TV in the room because the room had already a great ocean view so tv was not necessary. Who would believe that?

Then we continued our journey by following a restaurant sign that stood by the road outside the Istana Villa. We ended up to a restaurant called "The Peak". The restaurant building was "no frill" but it was another super b view of Uluwatu cliff and Padang-padang beach. The restaurant itself was located on the top of cliff where you could look down at least few hundred metres to the beach below.

"What would you like to drink, Harrison? Do you want Bintang beer?" asked Patrick.
Harrison nodded. I looked at Patrick; wondering, Harrison was only five. "Well, you can have little beer. Just a little bit. He likes his beer." Patrick said to me.
The food came. It was fried rice, chicken, rice, bean, vegatables with westernized spice. So, not so spicy.
"You have to eat your lunch Harison, or I will hang you upside down in the cliff" said Patrick seriously.

"You have to eat your rice, so we can say to you mom and dad we have feed you. So finish your rice or I will kick your a$, Harison, look at me when I am talking to you, you understand, Harison."

He ate a little bit of fried rice, Patrick said again, "eat more rice or I will hang you upside down on a pool with lots of jelly fish."
Harison smiled and eat his rice more.
There were two beautiful woman with two men just arrived in the restaurant. Ben thought they are Israelis. They walked into the restaurant and checked out the cliff view from the restaurant lobby. At this time, Harrison stop eating his rice. Patrick was not happy.
"Eat your rice, Harison." shouted Patrick
"But I want to see mountains, now" Harrison shouted back.
"We will see mountains later. Or you can go to that lady looking at the cliff view over there, because she has two beautiful mountains." Patrick said.
"That's not a nice thing to say." said Sandra. I could not stop laughing.
We finished our lunch. It was very delicious lunch, they said.
I suggested them to go to Ubud town, because they have only visited Ubud twenty years ago. But the tropical heat had wore them down so we headed back. We stopped several times on the way to take few photos.

Note: this is email from Patrick.

thank you for your guided tour today I do hope I can direct more tourists to you ,but as you say Aussies leave things till last or late it would help if you put me on your email list and direct me to your website or however you advertise My staff all come up here regularly and I can try to direct them to you Good Luck and be confident You have a MAJOR advantage over most tour guides with your intelligence Regards Patrick

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