Feb 10, 2010

What A Balinese Lady Can Carry on Her Head

Jamie is a painter who were very amazed of Bali, of the rice field and of the banana trees. Why banana trees? I asked. Because it made him relax, he said.
But a part from that, he and his friend Jim, were amazed by the Balinese ladies. Why? Because Balinese ladies have strong neck. They carry anything on their head.
"Is this right, Putu?" He asked. "According to a book I read, it says that Balinese ladies are strong but Balinese men are artists because they can paint and carve."
Well, refering to myself, I can't dance, I can't paint, I can't carve, I can't play Balinese music, I don't think it is quite right. But I can type with ten fingers, and understand a bit of html, php and css (if that counts).
So, the last three days tours were great eye opener for Jamie and Jim. While touring they always try to spot Balinese ladies with who carry things on the top of their head.
We saw a Balinese ladies with basket on her head. We also saw other things such as offering, or basket of fruit. But the most amazing thing, according to Jamie, was the lady whom he saw on Hanoman street in Ubud. She carry a whole dinner table on hear head. Yup, the whole dinner table.
Unfortunately, Jamie was too amazed that he could not take any photo of her.

Note: Jamie's blog is yosifu.com


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  2. Seriously, natives of Bali can't stop amazing people like us about their extremity in hard works like that.