Feb 6, 2010

No Onion No Garlic Vegetarian Food

I don't know that a food without garlic nor onion can be edible (haha). At least in Bali, since here you usually have the basa genep (the complete spices) in almost all kinds of food prepared in Bali kitchen. Usually a cooking would have everything. Tumeric, onion, garlic, salt, chilli, pepper, galengal, and ginger are present in the cooking.

When Ser Chim ( a client from Singapore) arrived in Bali, he pinpointed some of the restaurants which he searched from the Internet that served no onion and no garlic. I know the idea that onion and garlic are not good if you are studying meditation, but don't really meet a lot of people who avoid garlic and onion. Ser Chim was one of them.

To start, we went to a small restaurant at Jalan Raya Kuta called Happy Budha. The restaurant looks like a shop more than a restaurant. When we stopped there, there were not so many people eating there. Well, there were about five tables around.

As I looked at the menu, I just quite amazed because there were lots of "meats" available ranging from chicken, pork, beef and even lamb. (We don't breed lamb in Bali, not that I know). But these meats are not real meat. They are made made from a kind of flour, said Ser Chim. And the flour was processed again to make the meat. Huh, this would give a lot of work for your digestive system.

Anyway, here is the photo of the food that we order. It taste good. But for my personal taste, if I want to get back here again, I will use less MSG and will not eat any "meat".

happy buddha restaurant.JPG

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