Oct 15, 2009

Doing Something Different? Try Surfing

Even if you never surf in your life, even if surf The Net is all you do, there is no reason not to try learning surfing. Just head to Kuta beach. That's the best place to start.
Enroll to the surfing school is better than spending whole day trying to figure out how to stand on the surf board yourself. Their professional instructor will teach you how to lie on your surf board and then quickly stand on it. Don't worry about being drowned, because at first you will do it on the sand on the beach. When they think that you are good and lying and standing, it's time to hit the water.
The first challenge is there to conquer. You need to be able to walk or swim into the further area of the sea from the beach. The dark skinned Balinese instructors will show you how to dodge the wave so you can pass it smoothly.
So, there come the very big wave. It is coming toward you. And at the right moment, you will need to stand on your board. And enjoy the ride. You feel lifted.
In no time, you hit the beach again. Okay, get back to the water. Rest if must cause it is a bit tiring. But it's fun..


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