Sep 19, 2009

What You Can Carry With Motor Bike In Bali

motorbike with baloons.jpg You can put anything on your motorbike in Bali as long as it fits (this is true as the time this post is written : September 19th 2009). Like this photo. There was a bunch of baloons for sale carried on a motor bike. There were so many baloons so it occupy half of the road. Just like the size of a car.

If you driveor ride a motor bike in Bali, you need to be ready for the unexpected traffic such as this. (pst, this is a final warning to you, next time you will probably see something more strange than this!).

Here is a list of what people carry on motor bike in Bali:

  • 4 to 5 passengers (father, mother, son, daughther, and puppy).

  • box of chickens

  • dogs

  • goat (has to lie in between two persons)

  • fire wood piled to five meters high

  • anything, even baby elephant

I never seen the last item, but theoritically it is possible. :)

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