Sep 4, 2009

Stephen and Gabriel from Brooklyn

"We just want to visit volcano, temples, and waterfal. We are interested in culture." said Stephen (please, NOT Steven but Stephen) , who just graduted from law school. So was Gabriel( not Gabe but Gabriel). Stephen and Gabriel were from Brooklyn, New York. They wanted me to show Bali. I was recommended by Gabriel's father who toured with me last year because he was happy with my service.
We drove to Ubud, taking pictures of the scenery. Stephen had a 10 megapixel camera, but Gabriel got a 3.2 Megapixel (but he did not realise it and he did not seem to care). Stephen felt sorry him for only having 3.2 Meg and only 256 Megabyte memory card. After all, this was 2009. One should upgrade their camera, he commented.
We passed Ubud, and I just showed them the market, the palace and Bu Oka's suckling pig. Stephen could not eat anything spicy because he had a sensitive stomach. We even stopped in Gallery of painting for stephen to use its toilet.
Rice field in Tegalalang was the attraction after Ubud. The fields were full of water and little paddy were planted neatly on those field. Best scenery of rice field can be seen at these times.
We head to holy spring temple at Sebatu. They were amazed by the scenery as we descend from a small hill to the temple. We did not stop here, because they just wanted to take picture. After all, this was only the beginning, there were many more places to cover.
I started the car's engine and stepped on the gas pedal. Kintamani was the next destination. Some police stopped me on the way to the volcano and politely asked me for license. Well, it was just kind of routine.
We arrived at Kintamani 40 minutes later. We laughed when we stopped at the entrance gate when we saw a security guy taking photo of a tourist who posed on a motor bike. We did not know why we laughed, it just look funny.
We stopped by street to take photo again of Mount Batur. A little girl, about 10, approached Gabriel and offer him necklace and key chain. At least 27 polite no thank yous were uttered by Gabriel to protect himself from the offer made by the girl.
The girl gave up and turned away from Gabriel. Next, she went to Stephen.
"So, if I buy from her, would be there hundred of people coming to us?" asked Stephen.
"Don't think so. 'The coast is clear,'" I replied.
He got one key chain from the girl and we ran off to the car to resume the journey to Seribatu village for the Bali coffee.
Another police group stopped me again as we descended from Kintamani to Seribatu. From Seribatu, we returned to Kintamani route,but before we arrived at Kintamani we turn to the right at Penelokan village. We were heading to Rendang village to stop at a restaurant called Lereng Agung (or L.A., not LAX).
The view of L A was fantastic, as the American put it. The meaning of L A is actually the Valley of Mount Agung. And yes, As you look down to thevalley, you will see squares of rice field, coconut trees and Mount Agung at the background. Quite a view.
From here, fast forward to Uluwatu temple, as Stephen wanted to see sun set from there. They were monkeys snatching people's glasses. Well, it was normal scene. Nothing too exciting for me.
Some ladies from Jakarta want their pictures taken with Stephen and Gabriel. They posed with many different styles. When a group of ladies finished, another group came to take photo with them. I thought Gabriel and Stephen were a bit confused why these ladies want to take photo with them. But on a corner of Stephen's lip, I can see a little smile growing. I thought he felt like a celebrity.
There were too many people in Uluwatu. We drove to Suluban beach for more quiet sun set. This beach was one of the surfer place. It is not as fancy as Hawaii but it is popular among surfers. Only the access to get there is a bit challenging. You will need to climb down to the beach, which according to Gabriel is not such a brilliant idea.
SO, we just sit on chairs on a café and looked at the sky as it turned reddish in the western horizon. Waiting for the sun set. I was wondering if the sun set would be perfect this time.

By the way, this is their photos. I took it with my cell phone, I had to take it twice since Stephen wanted to make sure he looked good. He said he will send me a better photo of him, but I shall wait.

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