Sep 7, 2009

Swastika symbol in Bali?

Swastika sign can be seen in Bali, especially in Balinese Hindu temple. I must say almost all the Hindu Balinese are familiar to this symbol. Besides temple, one can also see it in houses, or community building. Even the 'Swastika' word is used as a person name, for example, Ketut Swastika. But why and what does Swastika mean?
It simply means balance in relationship. The Balinese Hindu see the life is ideal when they live a balanced life indicated by three good relationship. The first is good relationship between human and the Almighty God. All the festivals, offering in temples, praying activity that you witness in Bali are examples that the Balinese really long for a great relationship with Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, The Almighty God.
Next, the harmonious relationship among the human race. The Balinese values good relationship between themselves. Many activities in villages in Bali involve community of villagers . When one family in a certain village hold a ceremony such as cremation, all other villagers will come to help.
Third, good relationship with life lower than human such as animal and plant. Although not plainly seen, but Balinese also maintain good relationship with animal and plants . An example; there is a celebration for animal called Tumpek Kandang and for plant called tumpek Bubuh. A sign that the Balinese really care for animal and plant.
So, that is what Swastika sign is about. Next time you walk in a Balinese village, you will not be surprised with the existence of this sign. Or you will not be startled when somebody introduced himself as "Swastika".

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