Aug 13, 2009

Where to Have Lunch in Lake Bratan Bedugul

Ulun Danu temple by lake Bratan is a great place to spend time during the day. You will see the blue lake, and the hills and forest at the end of the lake. Try take a long breath, you can feel the fresh air going into your lungs.

Somehow, you will feel warm and peaceful here. (disclaimer: different person may feel different thing, and may not work when it is raining).

Back to our discussion, that is, where to go to lunch.

First, there is a restaurant in Candi Kuning market. It is called Top Deck restaurant. I have once bring one group of clients from Pacific Mutual Fund for a buffet lunch, and tried the food my self. The food is okay. It belongs to Mr. David (hi Mr. Dave..!!), an Australian who promote his restaurant by having the cleanest toilet in the island. If you'd like to use the restaurant, and admire how clean it is, you need to pay Rp 2000. But if you order your food there, the toilet use if free of charge.

You need to be patient though, service is rather slow. Maybe you can order and go back to the market, and get back to the restaurant when the food is ready. Or you can just wait..

Other places you might try are the Ayam Bakar Taliwang (or Taliwang Grilled Chicken) with some hot sambals. There are many of them around the temple. This food is not from Bali, but from neighboring island, Lombok. It is great food,if you like spicy food. For Muslim tourists, this could be your choice since they are "halal" food.

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