Aug 11, 2009

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Yeoh from Malaysia

Most intersting place for them was Uluwatu temple and Waterfal in Munduk.

They seemed to like the local food as well. So, they like to try the suckling pig or the Babi Guling in Ubud and Denpasar. They also like the Lombok food called Taliwang chicken which they had in Bedugul. (There are many small restaurants in Bedugul which serve Taliwang grilled chicken)

gpte.jpgWe visited the strawberry farm after having luch at the Taliwang restaurant.They thought that the strawbery food was good but have to be drank at the end, after theTaliwang grilled chicken.The chicken sambal was so hot, they said. Well, I thought so too.

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