Jun 1, 2009

Thank You To Isis and Friends

Thank you to Isis, Faye, Kalu (house wife) and Yenting from Malaysia. These ladies are very kind and keep calling me Mr. Pudhu instead of just Putu. Most of the time I can not follow their conversation because they spoke Mandarin (especially Faye). They also taught me a few mandarin and Hokkien. For example, chii sao may (pig smell) kafe (coffee), taa (tea) suwey (water) and lu chu (piglet). Once Faye said that Bali is a "beyootayfoo" island which according to her it is just simply means Bali is a beautiful island. It is hard to believe this because they laughed secretly behind me. Isis said to me "remember to say Bali is a "beyootayfoo" island to your other Malaysian client." ( I will discuss about this word meaning later)

Tour with these ladies were very exciting. When we arrived at Kintamani and was about to check in the hotel they booked from the Internet, the reception said there was no vacant room. But they insisted that they have paid and booked and settled all the paper work. Isis even hand out the hotel voucher for their stay. But it seems that there was a little problem, they booked the hotel for the day after, not the day they arrived in Kintamani. That's explained everything, the voucher was for the next day and we had to find other place to stay for the night.

We found an accommodation just by the Lake Batur. Here is the photo from the road that I took just to show you how close we were from the lake.

On that evening we went to take photo at floating restaurant by Lake Batur. Everybody ordered fried rice, and they also treated me with a box of fried rice. Gee, Thanks for the fried rice.

On the next day, we drove to Lovina from Kintamani. I started driving at 4 AM,while they all fell asleep in the car. (Faye had the loudest snor, she even dreamt about her boss in Malaysia). At 6 we arrived in Lovina beach and jumped up on Mr. Gobang's boat, the local fisherman who would take this group to see dolphins.

Yenting clapped her hands whenever a group of dolphins were spotted. Kalu was busy taking photo with his Sony Ericsson K850i. Faye and Isis were talking. I was at the back chatting with Mr. Gobang, the fisherman. He said, dolphins can be spotted all day, but better come in the morning.

After Lovina, we head to Gitgit. My head was dizzy because of the sea journey so I had some Bali coffee (even Hercule Poirot had sea sickness!!). The ladies went to the waterfall without any local tour guide, although some guides came and offer their service.

Next, we head to Bedugul and tried the strawberry ice cream with their favourite food; fried rice at the strawberry farm.

Before going back to Malaysia the next day, they stopped at McDonald at Jimbaran area. According to Faye the Bali McDonald French Fries was not nice because they were not fresh and too salty.

Arriving at Ngurah Rai airport, we said good bye. "Thank you". they said. Isis also said" remember to say Bali is a "beyootayfoo" island to your next Mandarin clients."
Hm, that word meaning made me curious.

Later I had a chance to ask another Mandarin speaking Malaysian clients about the meaning of "beyootayfoo", . And just as I thought it does not mean beautiful. It does not related to beautiful at all. It means something else. It means "underwear"!

So, I quickly wrote an email to Faye and said,"hope you did not forget any of your "beyootayfoo" in Bali.

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