May 12, 2009

Watching Dolphins in Lovina

Meet a friend of mine, Gobang, a fisherman in Lovina beach. He would be happy to take you to "hunt" for dolphins around the sea near Lovina.
The dolphins can be seen mostly in the morning. You need to start early to catch them jumping and flying in the air. Meet Gobang at the "Dolphin Statue" in front of the beach, and he would walk you to the beach to his boat.
Hop in to his boat, and sit down while he starts his boat's engine. And off you go.

And so you will voyage around the sea with Gobang. He will show you where the dolpins are.
Just look around, the dolphins can appear at any time. Sometimes you can see them at the distance, but sometimes they jump up by the boat.
If you bring a camera, you need to switch on so it will be ready to take photos of these beautiful creature. They are very fast for amateur photographer, so get your camera ready all the time. Especially when the dolphins are on sight.

Final words, you can contact Gobang at +62 81 353 220 202.I can also contact him for you, just send me email to arrange your dolphin watching tour in Lovina.

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