May 5, 2009

Photo with The Animals

I know you can find this anywhere in the world in any tourist destination. But if you happen to see this in Bali, and you want to try to take your photo with these poor animals, you can.
You have some selections: the beautiful python, the handsome bat, the cute iguana, and some other animal which you can usually spot in Bali’s tour destination.
Places that have this “additional” attractions are Tanah Lot Temple, Kedaton Monkey Forest, and somewhere close to Lake Bratan (Ulun Danu Temple). It is a chance of life time, to conquer your fear by having the python around your body. Remember that python don’t bite its victim, but they swallow it. And also, before taking photos with you, the python has big breakfast already and may not be interested in swallowing anything for hours. So, no reason to worry.
With the bats, you can feed them. They like papaya, mango, banana, and other fruit. In Bali, they are fed with Fanta. They like it.
Well, hug the python, or cuddle the iguana, kiss the bat, and say “cheese” to the camera. It will be another unforgettable moment in your Bali tour.

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