Apr 23, 2009

Waiting for Sun Rise in Sanur Beach

If Kuta and Tanah Lot are so popular with its sunset, Sanur, on the other hand, is known for a great place to see sun rise. To be able to see the sun rise, you will need to go the Sanur Beach. If you stay in a hotel in Sanur which located facing the beach, then it is no problem for you to see the sun rise. All you need to do is waking up a bit earlier, at least at 5.30, and walk out your hotel room and step down to the beach.

If you don't stay in Sanur, or don't stay in the hotel facing Sanur beach, and you would like to see the Bali sun rise, at least there are 3 accesses to Sanur beach. (Maybe there are more, but I just talk about access with bigger roads).

Jalan Hang Tuah (Hang Tuah Street)

Located in northern area of Sanur where hotel Grand Bali Beach is located. The beach is also popular with the local who spend their Sunday afternoon bathing in the beach. But, I am sure it is not crowded at all in the morning.

Jalan Segara Ayu (Segara Ayu Street)

Moving to the middle Sanur, there is another access called Segara Ayu Street. White sandy beach is at the end of the street where you can sit on the beach waiting for the sun rise.

Jalan Pantai Sindu and Jalan Kesuma Sari

The street next is called Jalan Pantai Sindu which located right in the middle of Sanur. Jalan Kesuma Sari is at the end or eastern part of Sanur.

Where is the best place to see the sun rise of all those streets? Any where is good. But I can say middle area is the place where you can see the sun exactly to your east, not in your north east or southern east.

Happy sun rising.

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