Apr 16, 2009

My New Sunblock

my new sunblockInterview with the Uluwatu Monkey:

Me: What do you think of the sun set in this place.

Monkey: the sun set is always beautiful to see. But don't expect to see it everyday. Mind you, though it beautiful just as people think, we don't really care about it. We just care about food. We like fruits, peanut, sweet potato, cucumber, mineral water, coke and anything tourist bring here.

Me: Okay, sounds interesting. So, basically, you are here for the food?

Monkey: Of course. We have a lot of food supply as long as tourist coming.

Me: Pardon me, is that a sunblock in your hand?

Monkey: Yes, it is.

Me: That's for blocking the sun shine to get into you eyes, I presume.

Monkey: Of course not, you idiot. Pardon my language because we used to use harsh language with other fellow monkeys. That shows our intimacy. Anyway, this sun block I got from snatching a tourist who came here just now. You see, this is how we get our delicious food. We steal people property, but we don't intend to keep theirs. We just hold it until they come to us again and bring us food. Then we barter the food with their properties.

Me: Oh, I see. Where do people get food for you?

Monkey: Well, there are many vendors selling our food lurking in the temple yard. Just buy from them, bring it to us, and maybe if it is not too late you can get your properties back.

Me: What do you mean "it's not too late"?

Monkey: We are not very patience. Just like you, people, we want every thing fast. So, we may break your glasses or sun block, or maybe drop it down from the cliff, because we are a bit careless.

Me: I see. Do you always get food with this method?

Monkey: well, yes. Even their tour guides tell them to be careful with their belongings, please be careul with monkeys, hold your possession, your camera, cell phone, credit card, blah..blah.. blah.. but people still are careless. So, this is why we always succeeded in getting food. Besides, people also bring food such us that we can snatch directly without the need for bargaining. We snatch biscuits, coke, or mineral water.

Me: Thank you for this conversation.

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