Apr 27, 2009

The Dirty Duck Who Turns to be The Crispy Duck

It was late nineties, a restaurant was being built somewhere in Ubud. It stood in a very strategic location over looking the view of rice field. That's a great asset, tourist like rice field view. But there was still one problem, they still did not have a name for the restaurant.

Days passed. They could not get any inspiration for the restaurant name. Then one afternoon, from the wet rice fields, came a group of ducks. Those ducks, with their dirty feet, stepped into the restaurant and leave marks of their feet print almost every where on the restaurant floor. And this was the "Aha" moment for the restaurant owner. And so, they named the restaurant, Dirty Duck Dinner.

The restaurant, which is located in eastern Ubud and close to monkey forest, specializes on crispy duck. For one package of crispy duck, it comes with a sambal ("delicious mix of spices"), long bean with grated coconut (please don't ask me what the ingredients), rice, and the crispy duck.

They also have other food in menu, if duck does not excite you. You can order almost anything from fried rice, potatoes, sea food, and many others. Ask your tour guide or driver to take you there, almost all of them are familiar with the Bebek Bengil (the Balinese word for the Dirty Duck) is located.

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