Mar 25, 2009

An Incentive Trip by Putu

The day was finally arrived. I had been preparing for the incentive trip for the last 2 months. And here they were, coming, going out from the bus and went into the Tjampuhan hotel.

Daniel, the organizer and the senior manager of the company , suddenly went out from the hotel. He was wearing the Balinese sarong (the official uniform for the gala dinner), but he did not wear any clothes. Must be because it was to hot here.

"Take me to royal Pita Maha, bring all the trophies and certificate." He said. I asked my friend, Doyok, (his real name is Nyoman, but all his friends called him Doyok) to drive the van to take Daniel to Royal Pita Maha. It was the stage where the gala dinner was to be held. It is 5 minutes drive from the Tjampuhan hotel, where we were.

I was waiting with Anom at the lobby of Tjampuhan hotel. Anom was a tour guide whom I asked to assist me in handling this tourists group.

My part was being the local organizer who settled almost all the ground arrangement like tour itinerary, selecting restaurants, organizing transport ation, massage, providing unique Bali trophy design, and supplying Balinese traditional attire for all 40 participants to wear in gala dinner.

"Everything must be about Bali," Daniel once warned me. "And must be perfect because my big boss is also here."

The time was 4 PM. All the participants of the gala dinner went into the fitting room under the hotel lobby. I would like to see what was going on there, since as the organizer, I need to know or monitor what was going on. But I did not think, those ladies, would be too happy finding me hanging around in the fitting room when they change their dress.

So, I waited and waited for them to get dressed.

Bu Agung, the dress supplier, came out from the fitting room and ascended through the stairs to where I was.

"Is everything all right?" I asked her.

"It's all right, Putu. All the ladies had got their dresses, I just need to get a needle because one of male client cloth button came off."

Then she went away to the nearest store.

It was a bit chaotic. I don't really understand this dress thing, but we had been preparing the dresses for months. From selecting amterial, color, getting measurement, negotiating price, and finally sewing all the material into ready Balinese sarong and kebaya. It was really a hard work, but fun to do it.

At 6, everybody dressed in colorful Balinese dress, ready for Gala dinner. Some of the VIPs were coming late.

I asked the bus driver to drive all the participants to Royal Pita Maha, with Anom assisting. There was a Malaysian tour guide who came with them, his name is Alan. He was great tour guide, could speak hours without stopping and always find ways to make things better for his client or amuse his clients.

At 7 PM they were all gathering in front of the gate of Royal Pita Maha. Bayu, the photographer whom I know from the Internet, get his staff ready for group photo taking.

I could not resist myself from looking at the banner which had a misspelling. The banner was prepared by Royal Pita Maha, and it said "Enchangting" instead of "Enchanting". But it was minor detail, maybe.

Gilda Sagrado, an international caliber MC whom referred to me by a friend at Grad Hyatt, was ready at the stage announcing that the VVIP was coming and that the gala dinner was to be started.

So, that was it. They were having fun on the stage, speech, eating, singing, dancing and a little bit hang over. I was waiting outside, feeling relieved that the Gala Dinner was going smoothly and a success. I was very occupied from early morning, and the last time I had shower was 6 in the morning and the time at the moment was 11 PM. I was starving and I need to get some food.

Note: I this post I would like to express my great gratitude to all the people that had help me in preparing this Gala Dinner and the Incentive Trip. Thanks to Pak Anom, Pak Komang, Doyok, Bu Gilda Sagrado, Pak Bayu, Pak Made Ariadi (trophy carver), Pak Ida Bagus Suryawan (Lereng Agung Restaurant), Pak Yoga (Bebek Bengil Restaurant) Bu Kadek Suningsih (Top Deck Restaurant) Pak Komang (Purnayasa Transport) Bu Oka (Ubud Suckling Pig), Bu Agung Setiawan (dress supplier), Gek Putri (Angkasa Pura I), Pak Kadek (Murni's Warung), Bu Ade Arifin (Bali Ratu Relaxation and Spa) Bu Frederika of Biyukukung Suite and Spa, Mr. Gazzo of the Club Med, Pak Wayan the video grapher, and the security of the Club Med who asked me a lot of questions which make me feel like that I was in a quiz before I could enter the hotel.

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