Oct 31, 2008

Temporary Tattoo Is Not A Bad Idea

I was a little bit surprised by my clients request. They wanted to get a temporary tattoo. I never thought that my clients would do such thing, getting a temporary tattoo. It last only for two weeks, but okay, the clients request is very important so I will tell you also where to get a temporary tattoo.

You can get temporary tattoo almost everywhere in Kuta and other tourists area such as Tanah Lot temple. They advertise their service by the street. Usually one can read their services written on a board or something. It says " Temporary tattoo, last for two weeks. No needle, no pain, no scream."

They use a kind of chemical substances to make the tattoo on your body. For some skin, it may feel itchy.

It takes about  fifteen minutes for them to paint tattoo to your body. You can have many selections of pictures for your tattoo, from birds, butterfly, abstract figures, or naked woman. You can choose.

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