Sep 1, 2008

Visiting Tanah Lot At Sun Set

Tanah Lot Temple is the most popular place for tourists in Bali. Maybe this is an exageration, but you will know it's true when you come to this place yourself especially in the afternoon just before sun set.


Image by h a n g i n g p i x e l s

Tanah Lot Temple is an ancient temple built on a small rocky island separated from the main land. On the high tide, you need to get wet if you want to cross to the small island since the water will reach your waist. On ebb, you can walk easily to reach the island.

Tanah Lot Temple is popularly known for its beauty and its sun set. But to see sun set in there is like winning a lotery. If you see it, considered yourself lucky. If you don't get your self a post card with the sun set. But don't worry, it is a beautiful place though you can not see the sun set.

Go around the proximity, you will see more temples perched on cliffs. These will also great place to spend time and worth snapping with your camera. You will also see many shops, just like market, much bigger than Ubud market. Things you can buy here are little souvenirs, clothes, paintings, and things which will make certain people spend more time here than in the temple.


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