Aug 14, 2008

Trekking In Lake Tamblingan

Working as a Bali tour guide, I also get a chance to get people to Lake Tamblingan to start their natural trekking journey. It is a great way to see Bali closer by doing trekking in Lake Tamblingan. (not in the middle of the lake, but by the lake).

First, you will descend from Munduk village down to the Lake Tamblingan. There is a trekking guide association office by the lake. This is where you will pay for the local guide (trekking guide).

You will start your journey passing through various plantation, such as coffee, chocolate, and clove. You will hear the bird singing in the air, and inhale fresh air to your lungs and think "what a great day." The sun glows above, the lake surface shines like a crystal by your side.

After two hours trekking, you will arrive at the other side of Buyan lake. Now what? Do I have to walk back the way I came? It is interesting, but I have done that. Don't worry, here is a little secret, we will take you back on a canoe voyaging through the simmering blue lake.

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