Aug 12, 2008

Coins At the Pond Bottom

pond.jpg Touring to Kintamani, just after Tegalalang, you can visit the holy spring Sebatu temple. You will notice that in one of the spring pond, there are coins scatered on its bottom.At first, I wonder why people put there since in our culture, it is not common to throw coins to the pond.

Then I found out that they put the coins because they think this is like a "wishing well". You throw coin, say your wish, and if you are lucky your wish maybe granted. (Try wishing Nintendo Wii, I wouldn't mind to have one.)

But it is not a "wishing well". It is a holy spring pond. Legend says it was created by Lord Visnu to cure the wounded people during the war against Maya Denawa (an evil king). Some Bali drivers or tour guides create stories to make it more interesting for the tourists that if they throw coins they will get your wish granted.( This is for fun only.) So, if you visit this temple, please donate to the temple directly instead of throwing your coins into the pond.

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